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Our ducks are free range and spend their days chasing bugs and splashing in their pond. If you haven’t tried duck eggs, they are similar in taste to chicken eggs, but the yolks are bigger and they have a higher fat content. As a result, professional bakers love baking with duck eggs, and they are in almost everything I bake too. Check out the difference in nutrition between the same size serving of duck and chicken eggs:

Duck Eggs versus Chicken Eggs nutritional profile

We make regular posts on our Facebook page with what we currently have available and our weekly meet up location. If you are interested in garden products, we can help you out too! We also offer cuttings and seedlings from our organic garden. Check out our Farm and Nursery page for more information.

Our birds spend their day roaming their grassy yard chasing bugs and quacking at us for snacks. The hens are the Khaki Campbell breed and each bird lays over 300 eggs a year! And our drake is a peking duck who survived an attack on our coop that killed two birds and left him maimed. You can check out his story here.

In 2023 we swapped our flock from chickens to ducks due to the excessive Texas heat. When we lost our chicken flock in the summer of 2022 we began our research for birds who could survive. Because ducks have an easier time with the heat and cold we gave them a try, and you can take a look at our reasons for switching to ducks here.

Our Duck Eggs come from happy ducks, resulting in tastier eggs! Give them a try and see the difference for yourself.

Our flock of ducks