Apple, Honeycrisp

This page catalogues the progression of our Honeycrisp trees.

I planted these in fall of 21’ & fall of 22’. However these pics were both taken Dec of 23’. I used a new method on these trees. I only planted the root-balls half way into the ground, but then used weedcloth and chicken wire as a soil curb and filled the soil around the tree the rest of the way (the half way above ground) inside the circle. My thought for this was that the roots possibly wouldn’t get so waterlogged in our hard TX clay dirt, which does not drain well. I thought that the edging might create an “air pruning” effect as well once the highest roots get to it, which should stimulate more individual roots. I planned to improve the soil the roots ultimately expand into by applying compost, or poultry manure, and mulch, further and further out around the trees.

Today (12/18/23) I put down an approximate 2” x 2’ layer of compost (composted horse manure) around the circumference of all the apple trees. I then began covering them with a layer of wood mulch/leaves. I plan to continue to do this to all of my trees and then repeat the process in wider and wider circles. My thought is that by continuing to improve the soil/soil life on the edges, the roots will more easily be able to expand further, deeper, and faster. This is not only due to the terraforming of the natural clay soil to a looser, more bio-rich environment, but also due to the nutrients/fertilizer effect of the compost always being at the edge, which should entice the roots further.

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