This page catalogues progression of our elderberry trees.

I bought 2 elderberry trees Nov 21st 2022. When planting I accidentally broke off 2 rooted branches. I planted those in pots. They started well but then suffered. One died & the other nearly did but I transplanted it into the ground near G1 to see if that might give it a chance to live. It went up & down, got mowed over, heat stressed, etc. But it survived & hopefully will be primed to take off next spring. The original 2 did very well but nearly died at end of summer due to heat & cracking dry clay soil. I pruned bad leaf branches & they came back with fresh happy leaves. We did get a small harvest of elderberries.

Today (12/18/23) I circled the small one by the house (#3) with compost & mulch. Here’s a pic of it being done below. The older foliage in there are garlic and radishes. It has struggled since the beginning but has survived the summer. Hopefully it will thrive this spring + in 2024.

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