Fridge cleanout = extra feed & compost

Its time to clean out the refrigerator, or at least… a bit. 😅😂

OK, where did all of our tupperware go? It’s time to reclaim them! For glory, for honor, for being an adult! But good news everyone! The birds get extra feed & nutrition, and the compost gets bigger.

Today I’ve chopped up (using scissors) some old beef tips, pepperoni, last week’s ham, some grapes, blueberries, & apple slices starting to go like they’re probably technically…ok, but you feel like annny second now surely they’ll start molding. 🔎🤐

I added some regular rolled oats, some milk to wet them down, (the ducks prefer this) and stirred it all together.

I found some cantaloupe, buuuut it looks like it has little white dots of mold or something all over them. This one feeds the compost.

And the conclusion on video.

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